Interesting Conversation 05/30/21, Coincidences?

I was walking around the Irvine Spectrum, it was bittersweet. I lived in Irvine for 2 years! I was sitting in Starbucks for quite some time doing some assignments, feeling the way I did. Then this older man about in his 40s- late 50s just started talking. At first I thought well maybe he wont talk anymore. Then he kept going on and on. So I decided to just talking going along, & found it soo worth while. We talked about relationships and how it came to be today, the ones with our family. Culture, and our views on God. As he shared soo many stories. We sat there total strangers, and had a 2 hour conversation nonstop. Its a funny coincidence because as we were talking about our parents, we both found we were both Orphans & another funny coincidence his mother name is the same as I! I will say this. I don’t meet many people that are orphans like I. Its a different experience because you go through life with a different lens.

I was feeling a bit down since in the area….

I guess faith has it way. Although I will never have a conversation with Robert ever again, I hope to have more conversations from people who come all over the world. I love insight and stories they tell. Just the spark in their eyes/facial expression make the best of conversations.

To end this snippet. I did enjoy my day. I will branch out more to talk to others.

Note: Quite a few things have changed since I been there, the Regal theater was Edwards & the Starbucks use to be right across from it not next!