Rename this blog? Not sure.

As much I would like to say my life is going great, there are times where it isn’t! Although I am taking the right path for me, it is hard. The toughness does bring character, and while I am working towards a new beginning of “I did it!”, in the time being I am facing severe anxiety and depression. It does not go away, I always hoped it went away but it never did! I have been living on my own since 18 years old, and I wish I could say if anything fails I will go back to my parents house! (If you don’t know yet my parents passed away when I was young). It would be easy to attend college early on with a stable environment but I didn’t have that option it was always been between almost becoming homeless or working to survive on my own.

I am doing it, and there is no room for failure or to stop. I cannot afford to.

With all this said again, I am going thru the ugly. With this in mind I try not to neglect and build new relationships with others. Also although I am pretty stressed with school I have been trying to get my everyday routine in settle place because of the severity of my well being, walking on eggshells setting a trigger.

What has helped me avoid trigger: Lessen the mess in home by whatever does not bring you happiness must go! Example: clothes in closet. Plan the day ahead or the overall month if possible. Breathe. Set healthy boundaries with others. Even though some has taken me a whole day for a simple task, it progress towards the bigger picture.

side notes:

Since I have come this far by working and going to school… All the CSU results have came out and I have accepted to go to Cal State Fullerton for Computer Science! This may be on the back burner just because UC results have not came out quite yet, having a first choice in mind for a UC! Either way I will be happy with CSUF for my higher ed! 🙂

Odin and Holo says Hello! They have been the greatest support system, next to my partner. 🙂 I want to give Odin a little photoshoot! I played around with Canon but decided to get a more serious camera so switched to Sony. I love it so far but again haven’t gotten around to play with it much. I would like to take him to a nice hike but being a Great Pyrenees its hard on him, would like to take him on a flat trail or maybe the beach. HAHA he gives the best hugs! Holo gives the best cuddles.

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