Hello There World,

It has been a while going, I decided to start my day and jump in my site(spontaneous, I know). I decided to take the day for myself, kind of.. Except I have paperwork to do and a project to work on. It is actually my last semester at PCC, I got my first acceptance for my transfer! Still waiting on other schools I applied for(my first pick). Just because I am transferring hard part is far from over, I am studying for engineering LOL. This is helping me in calculus because I actually do math like this in my mind, HAHAHAHAHA fucked I know!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X09oxyIeGuY&ab_channel=musicuploader1000

One thing that has been bugging the hell out of me is my CS class this semester, I am so stressed about it because I feel like I am SOO behind. I am literally drowning, & question does anyone in hell know what they are doing in the class HAHA. I am going to push through it, because this is what I want to do. Today I kind of taken a rest from it, although I still have to work on the project. 😛

I know it is silly but my goal this year is to wish everyone on my Facebook friend a Happy Birthday(even if its late), because who knows what part of life they may be in. Or who cares if I haven’t talked to them in years! It just a silly thing I think of 😛 so far its going good!

These coming weeks I would like to focus on my physical health by taking more walks by myself & with my dog, work on yoga to stretch my body and lift weights since days are mainly spent on the computer. Maybe work on my blog more? Social accounts? Not sure!?

Well for now TTYL!

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