Samsung Galaxy 3 Watch

Let me start off with I had a hard time choosing a digital watch that would satisfy my everyday needs, but mainly needs to measure my daily exercise like how many steps I am taking in & do what my phone can do without having it in my hand at that exact moment. I had gone over all the Samsung models since I have a Samsung Note 10 and would like everything just to be synchronized. The only thing I did not agree with in my experience with Samsung products is their tablets, the feel of their tablet feels “light” and I have to give this one to the Apple Ipad Pro. Anyways I love this watch and here are some Pros & Cons I have experienced.


♡ Cute & Stylist (I got the mystic bronze)

♡ Has a exercise/running coach (helpful during Covid, since gyms are closed & helps with guidance)

♡ Works with Instagram post updates/messages(unable to reply), Facebook Messenger, Emails, and Phone Calls/Texts

♡ SOS Feature (Works with the watch itself. Samsung Phones have this feature. Watch will update location as you move until you stop sharing SOS)

♡ Syncs with Google Calendar (being a student this helps a lot with dedicating time for Zoom classes, assignments, events & tasks. Having a puppy & cat I have to put time aside for them!)


☆ Battery life last about a day & a half

☆ Bezel paint scratches easily

☆ Price being high – $400 Bluetooth & not as a big upgrade from the Original Galaxy Watch now being half the price, also the active line being a year old being half the price.